Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Love Label pick-up slub vest from Very.co.uk

I was asked to review the website very.co.uk and although the website itself isn't as good as sites like boohoo and asos, I managed to pick out this lovely vest for £8. 

This Love Label pick-up slub vest looks great with leggings and is extremely flattering, so great if you are going out for dinner ;-). The delivery of the item was extremely quick and I was impressed with the return policy if needed to return an item. I was disappointed with the range of clothes on offer and struggled to navigate myself around the site. Where as asos is clean, fresh and easy to search for items under trends, very seemed very 'catalogue-like'and I struggled to gain any inspiration for my look.

However, they do offer unique brands such as Love Label and Vila, as well as Fearne Cotton's range so there are gems available that are of high quality (unlike some of asos's own brand items).

Who else has used very.co.uk and what do you think? Would you shop from there?

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