Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Liz Earle 15th Anniversary event

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to visit the lovely Liz Earle Biskra Beach House in Ryde on the Isle of Wight for a celebration of Liz Earle’s 15th Anniversary.

There were over 100 customers as well who enjoyed an evening of champagne and an opportunity to meet Liz herself, who was also promoting her new book Skin Secrets. I must say Liz looked absolutely fantastic and was really lovely when I met her, I couldn’t believe she had a young baby! She was also a really good public speaker and explained about the brand’s story which was very interesting. Liz and her partner Kim decided to develop a product range that really worked, was pampering yet affordable, simple to use and for everyone - no matter what their age or skin type. They were determined to use the best possible naturally active ingredients, which inspired the name Naturally Active Skincare. They also set down clear principles from the outset that included a genuine commitment to quality and service for customers. From the integrity of the ingredients and the friendly voice on the phone, to the way each individual product is beautifully hand tissue-wrapped and the in-depth advice the customer care team provide.

(Gorgeous Biskra Beach House, Ryde)

I have been trying out the Energise range, which so far I love but thought I would share my thoughts on my favourite product which I swear by and have been using ever since I tried it (this never happens!) -  The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. The original, multi award-winning, concentrated cleanser is unique as it is used with the pure muslin cloth which helps to quickly remove everyday grime and make-up, including stubborn mascara, to leave all skin types soft and smooth. It contains cocoa butter to moisturise, eucalyptus oil to purify and chamomile to soothe the skin and leaves your skin baby soft instantly (most cleansers dry my skin out). I love the smell of the eucalyptus oil which reminds me of the smell of the steam room at my gym! They also have a male version (same product, different packaging) that my boyfriend has also fallen in love with thanks to the chamomile helping his eczema. It's worth every penny and you must try it!

Thank you to Hayley and the other lovely PR girls who I met, you were extremely hospitable and very helpful and organised in ensuring I actually could make the event. To all of you who haven’t tried Liz Earle products, then you must as they arrive beautifully when you order online (I have already ordered my best friend some Cleanse and Polish for her birthday!). 

Oh yes and you can follow Liz Earle on Facebook and Twitter now!

(The lovely Liz Earle)
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