Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Post holiday update... I'm engaged!

 Sorry for the lack of updates the past month, I have been away on holiday for two weeks in Spain and Germany, had a netball weekend away to Butlins, a friend's wedding and been busy at work! However I am back and raring to go with lots of planned summer (hmmm not sure where that has gone!) posts and reviews of what I used on holiday if you are planning to go away!

The exciting news is while I was on holiday my lovely boyfriend proposed to me in Spain! We were out for dinner and he gave me the ring which was very sweet and romantic, sadly he didn't go down on one knee but he is German and that isn't tradition there - boo. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know this and thank you all for the congratulation messages. Hopefully we will get married in Spain in two years time at this lovely church in Altea, near Alicante. Any tips on wedding blogs/ideas will be much appreciated! I promise not to go on about the wedding too much and forget the beauty aspect of my blog! I am also researching wedding planners in the Costa Blanca area, so again any recommendations would be appreciated as there seems to be a few. 

Anyway here are a few photos from my holiday I thought I would share with you :)

Beautiful church in Altea in Alicante where we hope to marry

My beautiful engagement ring, lots of diamonds!

My fiancé and I in Germany visiting his family!
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