Monday, 16 July 2012

My holiday essentials: Suncare

Suncare is tricky. What brands do you buy, how much, what SPF, will it suit your skin and what do you really need? I get asked a lot by friends and family on what suncare products I use so I thought I would write about my staple products which I used on my last holiday. Some I have been using for years and others are new products. There are a lot of products out there you can skimp on but suncare definitely isn't one of them, it's vital to protect your skin and hair from the sun's harmful UV rays which we can't see. I would say you need to allow 1 bottle per person, every week of your holiday of suncream and make sure you have a specific face cream as well which will often be a higher factor. At least SPF 20.

Piz Buin Tan and Protect Oil SPF 30
A new product I tried on holiday this time and I love it! Normally oils don't offer much SPF protection so I am reluctant to use but SPF 30 is great. Safe tanning and accelerating, a great combination. I still have a great tan a month after returning from holiday which hasn't peeled or faded too much. The oil also is not too slimy and smells lovely, unlike some oils. When you use low SPF oils they just make you burn and peel as soon as you are home, so worth trying this one. It's better than half price at Superdrug at the moment, a bargain at £8.49.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Sun Protect Spray Conditioner

Don't forget your hair when you're on holiday! Like skin, hair exposed to the sun needs proper sun protection to avoid damage caused by UV-rays and the sea/chlorine. BC SunProtect Spray Conditioner is a lightweight spray that protects the hair against the harmful effects of sun exposure, seawater and sand abrasion before, during and after sun exposure. I always spray this on my damp hair after coming out of the pool/sea and comb through. It helps to protect my highlights and ensures my hair isn't straw like by the end of the holiday.

Guard your skin against signs of premature wrinkles and ageing with this lovely after sun for your face. I don’t like using after sun for your body on my face, as it is too greasy. It not only comforts skin with soothing Sunflower Seed extract, its revitalising skin care benefits help reduce the appearance of fine lines while protecting against free radicals that can remain active long after sun exposure. The Clarins after sun face care also helps prolong your tan on your face, as that is normally the first part of your body that fades!

Cinique City Block Sheer SPF 25

Protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays is a must. Clinique’s City BlockSheer SPF 25 is a sheer, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB daily sunscreen. The lightweight formula helps lock out perspiration and absorb excess oil. I use the sun block every morning on holiday and make sure I reapply after swimming or every four hours to avoid sunburn and wrinkes! It’s also really good as an invisible makeup primer worn under foundation if you are on a city break. It does make me cringe when I see people applying sun lotion to their faces, as normal sun cream is too greasy for your face so important to use a face specific cream. I also recommend the Maybelline BBCream for holidays as that has an SPF 30 in it, plus hides blemishes so perfect for a little more protection on the beach. 

You must try this aloe vera after sun gel from Ambre Solaire, it’s amazing on sun parched skin. My top tip is to keep in the fridge and use when you get out the shower straight away to sooth sun exposed skin, I also carry on using after sun at least a month after my holiday to help preserve my tan. People always tell me I look brown long after my holiday so it must work ;)  Get down to Superdrug as they have Ambre Solaire products better than half price at the moment, they really must be struggling to shift them in all this rain!


The final suncare product I recommend (sorry there are a few!) which I use when I am back home in the UK is Clarins After Sun Moisturiser Self Tanning (£18). Warning this product does contain self tan so apply sparingly and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards! What I love about the Clarins after sun is although it is pricey at £18, it doesn’t smell of fake tan like other tan preserver products and it gives you a nice colour and helps maintain your tan. I’ve gone through a whole bottle of this after my holiday in June, oops!

Hope you enjoyed my essay on suncare products and what I love, let me know what your staple products are for a holiday. I have used all these products numerous times so they are well tested!

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