Friday, 29 July 2011

I ♥ Frédéric Fekkai hair products!

Frédéric Fekkai himself!

Continuing on my with last blog post on keratin treatments, I thought I would write about my new favourite hair care range! I normally like to use the products for at least a few months to really see how they work with my hair, which I have done in this case. I normally use a shampoo for blond hair (I have highlights) so tried out the Frédéric Fekkai Advanced Silky Straight Ironless Conditioner, which promises to smooth hair from the cuticle and helps keep out humidity for silky straight locks. This silkening conditioner is the optimal second step to transform hair into beautiful, sleek and shiny locks.

Obviously I have had my keratin treatment so my hair is frizz free anyway, however I have found that this conditioner made my hair extra sleek and soft, and I really noticed the difference when using it for the past few months. I keep this conditioner in my gym bag for an extra special treat, as my hair can be a lot drier after being in chlorine. Although it's pricey at £20 a bottle, it's well worth trying, along with the serum if you have thick hair like mine and crave soft hair you can run your fingers through.

Has anyone else tried Frédéric Fekkai products and what do you think?
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