Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pantene Colour Protect & Smooth range review!

I was in-between haircare products a few weeks ago & thought I’d try out the new Pantene Colour Protect & Smooth range until I can afford some more Keratin Therapy conditioner! I’ve always been a bit sceptical of Pantene products after several hairdressers have told me in the past that their products aren’t good for your hair (why is that actually?!) but their new range intrigued me as it’s perfect for my coloured hair! Obviously I have had a Keratin treatment on my hair, so it is much smoother now than it was pre-treatment, but I do recognise now when I use good products as my hair feels silkier for longer.

After using for a few weeks I can say I am impressed with the new range and particularly love the Colour Protect Instant Nourishing Spray for an instant shine boost to your hair. This leave-in spray helps protect coloured hair from daily styling damage, giving it an instant hit of shine and vibrancy and smells lovely too. Used alongside the conditioner it makes your hair feel really sleek and is easier to comb through your hair when it’s wet. Even better news as it also protects coloured hair and helps colour last longer – double result!  You can buy the products from the bargain prize of £2.50 at the usual places, so I definitely recommend trying out even if you haven’t used Pantene in years like me!

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