Thursday, 23 December 2010

New Neutrogena Multi-Defence Range

I am really conscious that my skincare protects my skin from all the damaging effects of the environment, not just sun damage, so was very excited to test out the new Multi-Defence range from Neutrogena which seems to be MADE for my skin :-D.  This brand new range is the first daily moisturising range from Neutrogena and uses an innovative fusion of effective ingredients including Moringa seed, Yerba Maté (Brazilian green tea), and antioxidants vitamins C and E which help to enhance the skin’s natural defences. It includes three daily moisturisers which go beyond hydration to help address the needs of different skin types, a Gentle Purifying Scrub, Gentle Purifying Wipes and the Multi-Defence Night Moisturiser.

Here’s a little background on the range and a few key facts that we should all be considering when choosing skincare products: The environment can affect the skin in many ways. UV exposure has always been classed as the primary cause of skin damage; however recent research shows that UV is not the only culprit. Our skin is in fact exposed to a number of different environmental aggressors on a daily basis. The five key environmental aggressors that damage our skin are: sun, pollution, cold, heat and wind. Research shows that up to 80% of skin ageing and damage can be caused by these aggressors and that when these aggressors are combined the damage to skin is increased.

So far I have been using the products for a few weeks and really like the moisturisers. Although they have quite a thick texture, they feel like they are really protecting my skin and contain SPF 25! If you are looking for a new mid-range, protecting skincare regime then I definitely recommend trying this out as it does everything and you can get products for all types of skin. Prices range from £3.79 from Boots.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Trip to the Clothes Show Live

 I had a great day at the Clothes Show Live on Saturday and as usual, returned with a very full trolley full of goodies! I definitely found this year much less stressful, as I would guess the bad weather kept a lot of people away so it was not as hectic. 

I didn't get all my Christmas presents but managed to pick up quite a few items of jewellery from several gorgeous jewellery stands. I bought some gorgeous customised necklaces for my mum and sister from London designer Leonie Saliba who normally sells her products at Portobello and Spitalfield Markets. 

 For £12 she beautifully customised necklaces for my mum and sister, letting them choose the charms they liked. I would post photos of their individual necklaces but they are all wrapped up ready for Christmas!

This year the Clothes Show also boasted it's very own Stitch and Bitch knitting session! My work colleagues are all into knitting and this is something we often host at lunchtimes!

If you get a chance, make sure you visit tomorrow as it's the last day! The best bargains of the day were the Jelly Pong Pong goodie bags - two for £12! The items inside included this gorgeous Shadow Taffy worth £15!

Let me know if you visited the Clothes Show and what bargains you got!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow attire in Southampton!

I am sure everyone is getting bored of the snow updates, but let’s face it in this weather there’s not a lot else to talk about/do! As you can see from my beautiful photography, Southampton has been hit by a lot of snow making my walk to work pretty icy the past few days! So I went out and purchased some lovely snow boots from Sports Direct after work for £15 to make my walk home a bit easier! They are not as comfy as my trusty UGGs, but have a much better grip which is good so hopefully I won’t fall over. 

What have you been wearing to combat the cold weather and snow?

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