Sunday, 23 May 2010

♥ My new favourite perfume ♥

How lovely and hot was this weekend? We had 28 degrees in Bournemouth so I have been to the beach both days which was lovely and even managed a brief swim in the sea - it was bloody freezing!!

Anyway I thought I'd let you all know my new favourite perfume for summer, which I have had for about two weeks now and absolutely love - YSL Parisienne Eau de Parfum. My friend Anita also has it and introduced me to it on a night out and I knew I had to try it! I do like stronger fragrances, like my all time favourite Flowerbomb,  - this one has top notes of cranberry and blackberry reinforced by the middle notes of Otto Rose and Violet, and the bottom notes of Vanilla. Musk and Cashmeran. If you like lighter fragrances then this isn't for you, but if you like long lasting, strong fragrances then you'll love it! It is pricey, which is to be expected for a EDP and costs around £48 for 50ml. 

Has anyone else tried Parisienne and what do you think? 

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