Friday, 5 December 2014

5 months pregnancy update: The best things and the worst things!

I have kept my news relatively low key so far, but for those of you who don’t know I am just over 5 months pregnant and due a baby boy on 9th April! I thought I would write about my top 5 best and worst things about being pregnant so far. Touch wood I have had a really easy pregnancy, with no morning sickness at all, no real pains or cravings. I think a  combination of good genetics from my mum and lots of exercise/healthy eating has helped my pregnancy be stress free so far. Let’s hope it stays this way for the next few months!

My baby boy at 20 weeks!

Best things about being pregnant
  • Bonding with my baby. Having a bump and feeling baby kick all day, it’s such an amazing feeling, totally surreal! The scans I have had are pretty cool as well, love seeing my baby on the screen. Still doesn't feel real though! The daily excitement of checking my pregnancy apps (my favourites are Glow Nurture and Baby Centre UK) to see what is going on with baby that day is pretty cool, I love it!
  • My hair – it’s so much thicker and softer. Also not had to shave my legs very often either. Normally I have to do that every other day, but my leg hair feels like it has stopped growing! Which is amazing! Apparently my  blood is carrying more estrogen, progesterone, and more testosterone right now than it usually does which stops body hair growing as quick. Women do have higher testosterone levels when they're carrying a baby boy compared to a female so that may explain why I have less leg hair!
  • My boobs – they are now MASSIVE which is a good thing, and also a bad thing as I have had to buy a load of new bras! Luckily Primark do some good maternity bras and also good non wired bras to save on costs. 
  • Topshop maternity leggings and jeans. Elasticated, stretchy waistbands that don’t dig into your belly and give you love handles– genius! Why doesn’t everyone wear these! On the downside I have found maternity ranges really rubbish and so hard to shop on the high street for good, stylish maternity clothes. 
  • A bit of a cheeky point here, people looking after you! My friends and family have been great so far, checking I am okay and carrying any heavy bags I might have when out and about. Skipping the longest queue at Berlin airport to board the plane first was great, I hate standing in a long queue when I am tired! Getting the pregnant seat on the tube is also a plus point on busy rush hour tubes.
My bump in my gym kit at 23 weeks!
Worst things about being pregnant
  • Can I, can’t I. looking at every food/drug/drink/product wondering if it’s safe to consume with no concrete advice or research. I hate this. Take at your own risk or consult your doctor, what every time I have a question on something I need to call the doctor! Seriously?! Pregnancy advice is misleading and confusing and gives me a headache daily. Google at your peril as well, or you won’t eat anything. Eat in moderation is my philosophy in life and one that I am following in pregnancy. Touch wood everything is going ok so far!
  • The tiredness. I feel pretty good now, but the first trimester I just wanted to sleep all the time. Plus not drinking or socializing as much makes you more tired I think!
  • Waking up a LOT! Needing to get up twice a night to go to the loo sucks. Plus the pain of needing a wee is almost unbearable! Oh and the urine infections that I seem to pick up super easily now!
  • The in-between stage – is she pregnant, is she fat? I am still at that stage now and just look a bit lumpy in some outfits! I can’t wait to have a defined bump!
  • Not drinking alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to be pregnant and can’t wait to be a mum but I realllyyyy miss having a few drinks after work, or a cheeky cocktail or two. I just feel like the boring one always driving who wants to go home early because they are tired. Also not drinking on my best friend’s hen do in Barcelona was TOUGH, they worked it out pretty quickly that I was pregnant!

I can’t wait to start buying things for the baby and preparing the nursery. Waiting until we have hit 28 weeks and after Christmas before I make some serious purchases, but enjoying browsing and searching for baby stuff so far! What are your experiences of being pregnant, the best and the worst – let me know! 
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