Monday, 13 October 2014

Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes collection

Hi everyone, here is another guest review from my sister Sophie on the new Smokey Nudes collection from Bobbi Brown! I am massive fans of nude shades so can't wait to get my hands on these! 

 If there’s one beauty brand I love to use it's Bobbi Brown, any major event - my wedding day, bridesmaid duties out comes every Bobbi Brown product I have. On a daily basis I wouldn't leave the house without a quick sweep on each cheek from my shimmer brick! Although Bobbi Brown tends to have quite a neutral colour palette anyway their new Smokey Nudes collection has more must have products for everyday to evening use.

The collection is made up of just three new limited edition products with varying shades all absolutely perfect for coming in the Autumn & Winter months. Including a new Shimmer Brick, eye palette & four beautifully creamy matte lipsticks.

I have two top favourite Bobbi Brown Lip products that I use - the first is a lip shine treatment (lipstick) in sunset beach and the second is a lip crayon in dusty nude. These are always my go to lip products and I have always had such great compliments when using them, so I had quite a lot of expectation for the new lip sticks. Also I must admit that I'm not a great fan of matte lipsticks - I often find if I'm suffering from dry lips (especially in the winter) a matte lipstick highlights your dry lips. 

So I am very pleased to say that on first applying the lipstick it does exactly what it says on the tin- it has lovely creamy, soft texture to it that you can feel moisturising your lips when wearing. The colour is subtle so I did require two applications to begin with but longevity wise this lasted all through my morning and simply needed a quick top up after lunch. 

My beautiful sister :)

The new colours include Nude, Soft Nude, Pink Nude and Warm Nude – I’m wearing Warm Nude, which along with Nude is a slightly browner based colour the Pink Nude & Soft Nude are slightly pinker based. My look yesterday was quite minimal with a simply eyeliner flick and mascara for my eyes and I think the lipstick compliment the look really well - I honestly think you could wear with any look and will definitely be making its way into my daily make up bag! 

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