Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hen party hair - Remington Easy Curl review

I don't curl my hair very often, as I have a keratin treatment in my hair which makes it sleek and soft so hard to curl. Last week I went on my friend Abby's hen party in Cornwall and the theme was Great Gatsby, so flapper girls, curls, sequins and pearls! I decided to try a new pair of curlers I'd received a few months ago - the 'Easy Curl' from Remington. I hate curling my hair and am not very good at it! I was really surprised how easy the 'Easy Curl' was to use (yes I know it's in the name) and how lovely my curls looked. I spent about 20 minutes curling my hair - see photo below! I was pleased with how even my curls looked and frizz and snag free. 

 The Easy Curl allows you to transform straight locks like a pro with the help of its unique and innovative spiral guide, giving you effortlessly beautiful curls every single time. Simply take a small section of hair and secure the ends under the spring clip. Then wrap your hair around the barrel using the spiral guide. Hold for ten seconds, then release and unravel. It really was that easy. The spiral guide is a lifesaver and ensures all your curls are even.

Its Advanced Ceramic barrel heats up to 170°C in just 30 seconds and is an impressive two times smoother than standard ceramic coatings, so hair won’t snag and will be left super shiny and frizz free. No waiting for hours for the curlers to heat up! You can see the barrel below how easy it is to use. 

The Easy Curl retails at £26.99 in Boots, which I think is a bargain for the ease of use and quality of curls. I definitely recommend this tool if you get bored like me curling hair, and are not particular good at it! 

What do you think? What is your favourite curling iron?
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