Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Alpro Deskfest challenge!

This week I have been involved in a fantastic campaign with Alpro called deskfest. Their campaign is all about getting the New Year off to a good start after all of the Christmas indulgence. With on-the-go breakfasts increasing at the workplace, people are opting for expensive, unhealthy choices to eat at their desk in the mornings or just skipping breakfast completely. The concept of deskfest encourages people to put a creative, healthy spin on their morning routine – changing their dull, unhealthy breakfast into a delicious, simple start to the day. I always eat breakfast at my desk as I get up early to work and just don’t feel hungry then! My breakfast normally consists of kid’s cereal which isn’t the healthiest and I really enjoyed so far creating healthy breakfasts with Alpro soya milk, pouring yoghurt, porridge and muesli. Check out my snap below of one of my creations!

I have been sharing my deskfest creations on Twitter and Instagram and including the hashtag #deskfest. Alpro are doing a competition that everyone can enter to win breakfast in New York, so any pictures tweeted with #deskfest hashtag will be entered in the competition. I’ve also been complemented a lot in the office on the beautiful Anthropologie bowl I received; everyone has stopped and asked me where it’s from! Thanks Alpro for running a fab campaign and opening my eyes to healthy breakfasts and soya products, they really do taste yummy. Check out their competition page here and don’t forget to enter to win that trip to NYC!
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