Thursday, 17 May 2012

Romsey Holistic Beauty review.....why I don't use night cream anymore!

I have been trialling a new skincare routine the past two weeks, after having a lovely facial at my local beauty salon Romsey Holistic Beauty, in Romsey, Hampshire. Although most of my readers won’t be anywhere near Hampshire, I thought a review of the Italian skincare products used would be interesting especially as they aren’t available yet to buy in mainstream salons in the UK.

The skincare products used for the Classic Facial which I had, are from the Italian brand C.A.P.S. Their philosophy is to use only organic active agents with low molecular weights for fast absorption. All the products are parabens free, mineral oils free, pegs free, glycols free, artificial colourants free. I have copied this explanation from their Italian website so it’s not the clearest translation! “With utilisation of pharmaceutical ingredients, in conjunction with Italian renowned cosmetic laboratory of Milan University, CAPS develops phytoceutical approach that combines both pharmaceutical and therapeutic principles in a safe way for skin care, respecting body natural balance and protection”.

The C.A.P.S products and cleansing cloths I have been using
 The lovely owner of Romsey Holistic Beauty, Liz Cadogan Friedman, said that when you are choosing a skincare product you shouldn’t been able to taste the product for it to be good for your skin. I didn’t know this and it made me think of all the products I have chosen in the past because I like the smell and taste of them! Eeek! She also told me off for using too much products on my skin and drowning it, particularly at night. I have been using the CAPS cleanser with the cleansing cloths in the evening to remove my make up, with NO NIGHT CREAM. I couldn’t believe this as I religiously put night cream and serum on every night to look after my skin, but apparently I am drowning it! I have taken Liz’s word for it, as her skin is amazing. I love the CAPS cleanser and the cleansing cloths Liz gave me, which really cleanses and removes all traces of make up so you don’t need toner. My skin feels remarkably soft as well even though I am no longer using night cream and just the CAPS anti ageing day cream during the day. I definitely recommend using the cleansing cloths with your cleanser if you don’t already; it really cleans your skin. You can find out more about the products here online:   

Romsey Holistic Beauty salon
The facial I had was the Classic Facial and was simply amazing. If you live in the Hampshire area I definitely recommend going to have one! I nearly fell asleep it was so peaceful and included cleansing, exfoliation, warm towels (steaming if necessary), facial massage and selection of deep cleaning or moisturising masks and a foot and shoulder massage. All for £40 and lasted well over an hour. Liz Cadogan Friedman is very knowledgeable and believes in good quality products and un-rushed treatments, which sadly isn’t the case in most salons today where you are rushed in and out in 5 minutes. Thanks Liz for a fab treatment and I look forward to returning soon to try out the other treatments the salon offers. 

Let me know what you think of my review – would you ever go without using night cream? Try it and see how you get on – your skin will thank you for it!
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