Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vaseline 2-in-1 Hand Cream + Anti Bac review

I popped in to meet the lovely Carly at Lexis PR on Thursday to find out about the new Vaseline 2-In-1 HandCream + Anti Bac and have a relaxing hand massage! The new Vaseline 2-In-1 is priced at £3.29 and combines hand cream with anti-bacteria gel which I believe is a new concept to the market.

I took a photo of the timeline on display which shows the activities that we do throughout the day with our hands that dry them out and gather germs. It totally freaked me out how much dirt you can pick up – like traveling on the tube, walking the dog and taking out the rubbish (yuck). Activities like this play havoc to our hands but which we don’t notice so that’s where there’s a need for a handcream that has both moisturising and anti-bacterial properties.

The timeline of our daily activities 

Tests have shown that the Vaseline 2-In-1 Hand Cream + Anti Bac reduces 99.9% of bacteria within 15 seconds of use (I like it!). The 2-In-1 also contains 5 essential moisturisers including collagen amino acids and glycerin so your hands feel mositurised, which is great as normally anti bac gels are really drying. The cream also seems lovely, a bit like an apple smell and will definitely encourage you to use it more because it is so moisturising! Maybe it will mean I get fewer colds in the winter as I am cleaning my hands more often?! Let’s see!

What are your thoughts on this new concept, will you be trying? For £3.29 I would definitely recommend as it keeps your hands clean most importantly and also mositurised. A must if you live in London and travel by tube or work in an office typing on dirty keyboards. Gross! 
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