Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas and New Year plus new make-up including Nivea!

(Boyfriend in the snow at Christmas)

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the total lack posts, I spent Christmas at my parents’ house which was lovely but I didn’t take my laptop and new year in Frankfurt, Germany with the boyf! Hope you all had a good festive break! I am missing the afternoon naps and lie-ins and not loving the 7am alarm clock argghh!

I was an extremely lucky girl and got lots of Christmas presents, too many to mention! My parents got me a gorgeous All Saints dress, plus lots of goodies for my flat including a new cutlery set! ha ha! I thought I write a mini review on the lovely make-up products the boyf bought me - the limited edition Bobbi Brown bright eyes palette (£41) and Nivea Stay Real Powder which I think isn't available in the UK. I love the Bobbi Brown palette, even if the eye shadows are teeny tiny but as with all BB eyeshadows a little bit goes a long way! 

Here is a full list of the shades in the palette

1 x Bubble Gum
1 x Gum Drop
1 x Electric Pink
1 x Samba
1 x Day Glow
1 x Jade
1 x Ivy
1 x Pacific
1 x Blue Denim
1 x Blue Iris
1 x Pink Pearl Metallic
1 x Golden Peach Metallic
1 x Navajo Metallic
1 x Iced Blue Metallic
1 x Midnight Metallic
1 x Lavender Metallic
1 x Mint Metallic
1 x Copper Penny Shimmer Wash
1 x Ultra Violet
1 x Black Plum Shimmer Wash

Close up of the shades - I love the Lavender metallic shade on the top right.

I haven't featured Nivea make-up on my blog before as I haven't ever tried it out, but first impressions of the Stay Real powder are really good. It was only 4 Euros in the sale in DM (Superdrug equivalent in Germany) and the powder matches your skintone for sheer coverage that isn't heavy at all. Next time I'm back in Germany I'll definitely pick out some more products to try! 

Has anyone else tried Nivea make-up and what do you think? Is it available in the UK?

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