Thursday, 9 May 2013

*Guest post* New affordable cosmetic line EX1 for exotic skin

I hope you like this guest blog post on EX1 cosmetics by my friend Tasrin. Sadly I do not have exotic skin at all, so I asked Tasrin to review the products for me. You can check out her gorgeous photos on Instagram tasrin_jahan. I'm still trying to persuade her to set up a blog, so hopefully she will do soon after writing this great post ;) Happy reading.....

"I have to say when it comes to experimenting with new cosmetics I'm not your adventurous type. My skin annoyingly seems to repel anything ‘alien’ so naturally, I've always stuck to the same old brands. My sensitive skin doesn't sit well with new foundations, powders or concealers. For this reason, I've always been more attracted to expensive cosmetics. I sometimes wrongly, imagine expensive make-up to be kinder to the skin. Sadly, this is not a case of expensive taste, but an expensive necessity!

This aside, when it comes to standards of make-up  we all want department store quality with a high street price tag…. Or simply, a shade that just matches! My irritation with high street brands though definitely stems from the inability to find a good colour match for my Asian skin; the main reason I have steered towards the hefty price tags and never looked back.

When given the opportunity to try this new cosmetic line, admittedly I was slightly nervous! After trying this new affordable cosmetic line EX1, a line developed specifically for those with ‘exotic skin’, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. In my opinion the mainstream beauty market has been long awaiting a cosmetic line which caters to those with darker complexions.

There are five different shades; I guessed my shade online (F400) so I was slightly concerned that it wouldn’t match my skin tone. Amazingly though, my skin embraced the light weight luminous ‘Invisiwear’ foundation (priced at £10.50); I was impressed instantly. Here’s a brief description of the foundation: ‘Specially designed true colour pigments work perfectly with your skins' natural tones in a velvety smooth, ultra-blendable formula’.

The foundation offers medium coverage, so if you prefer that maximum coverage look you could find yourself applying several layers of foundation which would defeat this great feather weight makeup experience. 

I particularly love the way the foundation is unnoticeable and almost sinks into the skin rather than masking it.

The EX1 Delete Concealer (priced £6.50) at has an oily base, good for minor problem areas but not so much for prominent blemishes you really want to hide. The ‘Invisiwear’ compact pressed face power (priced at £8.99) is a great way to set the base and eliminate shine. You can use all three products and still accomplish a fresh look as individually, the products are very natural looking.

Although the powder, concealer and foundation work great combined and still leaves you with a ‘barely there’ makeup look, the Pure Crushed Mineral Powder Foundation (priced at £12.99), offers sheer coverage for those who only prefer a slight glow. I would only recommend this for those who have naturally great skin and dislike wearing liquid foundation. 

EX1’s packaging rightfully boasts simplicity and elegance, a mixture of clear, bronze and gold colours. What’s on the outside really does give us a peek of what’s inside. This product is definitely worthy of a place in your summer makeup bag. So for those ladies who like me, feel slightly depressed when they reach the bottom of their foundation bottles, try this as an affordable and great alternative. EX1 hasn't hit the shops yet but you can buy the products online here."
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