Friday, 20 May 2011

John Frieda Live Hair Academy - 27th May

Frizz-heads like me listen up!

On May 27th at 1pm for the first time John Frieda Haircare Academy comes to you LIVE on their UK Facebook page You can watch and learn everything you need to know to achieve salon results at home. Here are 3 ways you can help shape the show...

Be a model

John Frieda are looking for one lucky person to become a model and put the revolutionary Frizz Ease 3-day straight styling spray (review to follow shortly on Keratin treatments!) to the test live on the show, assisted by one of our top stylists.

Find a new style for summer

John Frieda will show you live on the show how to achieve one of the top hairstyles hot off the Spring/Summer catwalk. All you need to do is vote for your favourite.

Have your questions answered

The show will also feature two top John Frieda stylists ready to answer your questions live on air.

For more information and to watch the show go to !

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Diet in a Box review

I get offered to try lots of different products as a blogger, most of which are beauty related but recently I was offered the chance to try My Diet in a Box for a week. Intrigued I replied to the PR lady to express my interest (I mean who doesn't want to lose a few pounds before a holiday!) and explained that I have a nut allergy and an onion intolerance (weird I know). Unfortunately every meal has onion in, which I surprised me a lot as onion isn't known for agreeing with everyone so I was a bit upset. However my boyfriend decided he wanted to try this out and My Diet in a Box sent him a lovely hamper of food for a week, straight to my office.

Here is a bit more about the high protein plan which was selected for my boyfriend as he is sporty and does get very hungry!
Why Protein High?
The Protein High Meal Plan is designed together with a programme of physical activity to encourage fat burning and promote toning.
How Does It Work?
Carbohydrate is reduced below daily energy requirements to force the body to burn fat.
A high protein intake maintains your muscle mass. The more muscle you have the more efficient your metabolism is and the less fat you store.
A high protein intake stimulates the release of a hormone called glucagon which encourages fat to be used as an energy source

Here are my boyfriend’s comments after trying the plan for the week – in his own words bless him, he isn’t normally a writer!
I like my food. Also have to admit that I like snacking (and do not always refer to the healthy options) between my meals. It is a combination being hungry and purely the enjoyment of eating nice food. I love it and it has become my passion. I know I need to stop the snacking, especially before dinner so the diet in a box with three set meals a day seemed like a good plan to follow. I am playing a lot of tennis and go to the gym so I have chosen the The Protein High Meal Plan as it is designed together with a programme of physical activity to encourage fat burning and promote toning!
The food is generally good quality with healthy natural ingredients. Breakfast is great, a lot of muesli with nuts and seeds - right up my street. Also had apple granola which tasted fantastic and gave me an exciting alternative to muesli in the morning. The lunch meals are mainly salads, really nice salads and good portions to fill you up for lunch. I particularly liked the tuna/beans with lemon salad. A* for salads!
Dinner options were great too, particularly liked the curry options. So overall, the food was most certainly very good. I have to admit that I didn’t manage to entirely stick to the plan (had to attend a business lunch with given food and went to the Christchurch food festival with best intention (I took my lunch with me and ate it) but could not resist to have some cold German beer!
However it made me feel much lighter and didn’t give me the feeling of being tiredness after dinner, it actually felt energizing. The great things is it is all healthy ready meals, so no cooking required which is extremely convenient when you get back from work and only have to heat up the curry or put the lasagne in the oven. Gave me more of an evening too as I ate my dinners straight after work with no preparation work required. So it is brilliant for someone with a busy lifestyle or perhaps living on his/her own. Obviously you can do it with your partner too bear in mind the high protein plan for example is £72 a week per person (other plans just under £70 I believe) which is a lot of money for food each week.

I hope this gives you a detailed insight into these sorts of plans – if you have the will power then I definitely would recommend it, my boyfriend has lost his little belly and toned up a lot even in just a week. He did however become slightly miserable at the weekend, not being able to have his favourite foods, beer and coffee so be prepared for this drastic change!

You can find out more info at or follow on Twitter @MyDietInABox
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